Branch County Association of Realtors 


Branch County Association of Realtors 

Our very own Josh Jones is an affiliate member and a former board member of the Branch County Association of Realtors. Every year this association has a Christmas party with live and silent auctions and other money-raising events through the night. This year the association raised a little over $15,000 to distribute throughout the community. Below are organizations that have benefited from this association this year. 


Joppa Recovery 

Joppa Recovery is a sober living home for men. They help men who desire to lead joyful lives and live their life to the fullest. The residents learn coping skills to meet life’s challenges by building a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and becoming productive men in a society free of the daily struggles with addiction.

Joppa Recovery offers a rural setting, away from their current living environment, by providing personal space inside and out to work on their recovery, learning to take responsibility for all areas of their lives, and participating in meaningful work while being a resident of Joppa Recovery.


Beginnings Care for Life Center 

Beginnings Care for Life Center was opened in 1996 to support people facing life decisions, including pregnancy and parenting. 

They offer help, truth, and hope through resources, referrals, and training in parenting, healthy relationships, life skills, and spiritual growth.

They offer confidential services which are free of charge and available to everyone, regardless of age, marital or financial status, race, or religion. 


Branch County Literacy Council

Branch County Literacy provides free literacy instruction suited to the needs of adults of Branch County. They use a group of trained volunteer tutors to enhance economic opportunities and quality of life for adults through improved literacy. The hope is to eliminate illiteracy in Branch County. For over 35 years they have been serving adults through improved literacy.